How Can I Achieve an Erection?

Thanks to the trends of the modern world, the vast majority of men who want to strengthen potency and improve the quality of sexual intercourse prefer to use various preparations of synthetic origin, ignoring such postulates as a healthy lifestyle and physical activity. However, a long erection, obtained in such a doubtful way, is not a permanent effect.

Natural potency

Pic. 1. Avoid problems with erectile function and prolong the time of sexual intercourse without the use of synthetic drugs.

To maintain the result, there is a need to receive chemicals on a regular basis, and this is not safe for health. But in order to strengthen the potency, it is enough to exclude bad habits, adjust the regime of the day and nutrition, and follow the recommendations of traditional healers. Observance of such simple rules will improve the intimate life, and preserve the male power until old age.

Rejection of bad habits

Practically all habits, called harmful, have a negative impact not only on health in general but also directly on the potency of men. Smoking, synthetic preparations, alcohol products, and even some categories of sports nutrition – any of these factors contribute to the reduction of erectile function.

This is due to the fact that, for example, contained in cigarettes or alcoholic beverages, chemical substances have a negative effect on the condition of the heart and blood vessels, lead to a thickening of the blood, including in the small pelvis. In addition, if the adherence to any bad habit lasts for several years, serious negative changes in the hormonal background occur in the male body.

In order to significantly improve the quality of sexual intercourse, prolong the erectile function and strengthen the potency in general, it is not enough simply to give up an addiction to addictions. It is necessary to cleanse the body of toxins, decay products, and waste products that have accumulated in it for a long time.

Rejection of bad habits

Pic. 2. Refusal to smoke and other bad habits will improve a man’s potency and prolong sexual intercourse.

The methods of purification, which, among other things, strengthen health in general, can be completely different. Among the most effective, which also contribute to the strengthening of male power, it is necessary to name, for example, the following:

  1. Physical exercises. They have a health-improving and tonic effect, promote the elimination of harmful substances, improve blood circulation, including in the small pelvis, and also strengthen the body’s immune defense.
  2. Visiting the steam room or sauna. Thanks to the action of hot steam, all chemicals and toxins are removed from the body together with the sweat. Also, a regular visit to the sauna promotes a prolonged erection due to the improvement of blood circulation.
  3. Medicines based on natural ingredients, for example, herbs cooked at home. Excellent cleansing, anti-inflammatory and strengthening the body has, for example, St. John’s wort, sage. In addition, with the regular application of these plants, there is a significant improvement in the quality and duration of the sexual intercourse.

Sauna treatments have a positive effect on potency. Important! To restore and strengthen the erectile function, the rejection of bad habits should be complete.

Stop smoking and alcohol for strong potency!

Pic. 3. Categorically it is not recommended to take alcohol or smoke, even occasionally, for example, not more than twice a week.

High-grade food

To strengthen the potency and prolong the erectile function without following the rules of a full and balanced diet is almost impossible, even if you take strong drugs on a chemical basis. The man’s diet should consist exclusively of products of natural origin. It should be once and for all forgotten about any preservatives, taste enhancers that are contained in fast food dishes, and food ready to eat.

How to prolong the erection by adjusting the diet? To do this, you need to build a competent menu, in which the optimal quantity will be present dishes from the list below:

  • Cereal plants. Porridge Porridge from any whole cereals, if used as a first meal, will bring the body maximum benefit, provide energy and tone.

Eat fruit and vegetables

Pic. 4. Regular consumption of fruits and vegetables strengthens health and positively affects male power.

  • Meat. It is a full-fledged source of much-needed health for any male protein. Without this substance, the prolongation of an erection in a man is not possible. It is desirable to use low-fat varieties of meat in the form of steam cutlets, stew, soups.
  • Seafood. Contain a huge amount of protein, zinc and phosphorus. Regular intake of seafood is the main measure by which to improve the quality and duration of sexual intercourse. In addition, such a tool is absolutely safe for the body of a man.
  • Dried fruits, nuts, honey. All these products are powerful aphrodisiacs, which have an exciting effect. To prolong the erectile function, it is sufficient to eat a couple of spoons of any of these products per day.
  • Vegetables and fruits. As the most useful for man species should be called: figs, citrus, tomatoes, garlic, onions, bananas, celery. These products not only strengthen potency, but also prevent the development of typical male diseases, subject to regular intake, of course.

Cereals for the male power

Pic. 5. Enriching your diet with cereals will prolong the erection.

Advice! In order to make the right menu, you need to follow the principle of “quarter”. This means that every day the diet should include two quarters of vegetables and fruits, one quarter of meat and one quarter of cereals. Such a combination is sufficient for full saturation and providing the body with the substances necessary for it.

Physical exercise to increase the erection

Probably, almost everyone has heard that it is possible to improve the intimate life and strengthen the potency with the help of physical exertion. But how to prolong the erection in such a way, what exercises are better to choose? To begin with, it is necessary to determine the specifics and necessity of sport. Strengthening the pelvic muscles improves blood circulation, prevents the development of stagnant phenomena, and this is the main and one of the main reasons for reducing the potency and the appearance of diseases.

Thus, to prolong the erection, it is necessary to focus on exercises in which the pelvic muscles are directly involved. Of course, it should be done on a regular basis. Getting the benefits from classes once a month is doubtful.

As the most effective complex of loads, we can name, for example, the following:

  • Squats, both with weighting, and without. The most effective exercises that provide an optimal load on the muscle tissue of the pelvic region.

Jump Rope for potency

Pic. 6. Useful for health and potency are jumping rope.

  • Running, walking. To strengthen the potency it is recommended to practice walking. Walk on foot every day, and as long as possible.
  • Jumping. For convenience, you can use an ordinary rope.
  • Raising the pelvis from the supine position on the back.

To get the desired result, each exercise from the list above should be performed at least three times during the week. The duration of the training is at least two hours.

Important! Strongly do not use synthetic drugs designed to rapidly increase muscle mass. This tool has a negative impact on men’s health and causes hormonal disorders.

Folk methods of enhancing potency in men

Folk remedies are no less effective in strengthening potency than traditional medicine. Natural drugs, prepared at home, often surpass the power of the action of all kinds of synthetic drugs that have an exciting effect. In addition, folk healers recommend practicing some tricks designed to slow premature ejaculation.

Relax during sex

Pic. 7. To prolong sexual intercourse, in this process should be mentally distracted.

In order to keep the excitement and prevent ejaculation, you can use the following methods:

  • At the time of sexual intercourse, at the right moment, immediately before reaching the peak of excitement, hold your breath, and suspend active movements. This practice allows you to increase coitus for at least a few minutes. To get the desired result, keep breathing for at least ten seconds.
  • To ensure energy for the whole night, it is recommended to cook the correct dinner. The following are the most useful and exciting dishes: eggs of three eggs with a lot of roasted garlic, onions, tomatoes and greens, celery salad, hot chocolate, seafood, walnuts and honey.
  • If ejaculation occurs excessively quickly, it is recommended to direct your own thoughts in a different direction. Thinking about the upcoming car repairs or annual reports will increase the duration of sexual intercourse.
  • In addition, a bonus such as prolonged potency can be obtained through the use of potions prepared on the basis of various medicinal herbs. Ginseng, rhodiola rosea, St. John’s wort – these plants have a powerful stimulating effect, have anti-inflammatory effect, and at times improve the quality of intimate life.

Herbs to prolong the erection

Pic. 8. To achieve prolongation of the sexual act it is possible by using correctly picked up and prepared grasses.

  • Goat’s milk. Any dairy products are very useful for men’s health, but the champion in this case is natural and fresh goat’s milk. Drink should only be a village or farm product, which stores the maximum amount of nutrients, vitamins and trace elements.
  • Honey, any nuts and dried fruits. To prepare a useful and tasty drug, you must mix all the products listed above in equal quantities. Take the medication you receive every day, preferably in the evening. Regular reception of such home drug will allow to achieve maximum results within a minimum time.

To have health and masculine power is quite simple. It is necessary only to follow the basic rules of a healthy lifestyle, forget about bad habits forever, exclude stress and nervous tension. The result will not keep you waiting long. Just a few weeks of this practice, and the body will respond with gratitude to the care shown in regard to him.