Variety of Brand Cialis medication for the treatment and prevention of erectile dysfunction

Potential disorders can be associated with a large number of causes. Of course, there are cases when the problem occurs once, for example, after physical work or against a background of stress. But what to do when sex does not become a joy only because it is not particularly impressive to impress a woman, since the erection is sluggish, and ejaculation occurs too soon. In such a situation, it is important to choose the right medicine that will help to eliminate the violation of potency. And it can be either a one-time reception or a course. But, what is especially important, in both cases the same agent can be used, but with different dosages. An excellent option in this case may be the preparation Brand Cialis.

Brand cialis tablets for man

Pic. 1. Thanks to the reception of Brand Cialis, a man can easily regain a confident erection.

Mechanism of action of the preparation Brand Cialis on the body of a man

The main active substance is Tadalafil. As a result of sexual arousal, nitric oxide is released. The enzyme of the fifth type provokes narrowing of the vessels of the penis, which leads to premature ejaculation and reduction of erection. Tadalafil inhibits the production of this enzyme, which prolongs the sexual intercourse.

It is noteworthy that Brand Cialis tablets affect the vessels of the penis. According to studies, tadalafil practically does not affect the enzyme of the third and fourth type, responsible for the state of the blood vessels of the heart. In addition, there is no effect on the sixth type of enzyme, localized in retinal vessels and responsible for color perception. In other words, Brand Cialis has an effect only on the condition of the penis, without affecting the overall well-being of men.

Studies have shown that the composition does not cause an increase in pressure, does not affect the heart rate, does not violate the perception of colors and does not affect the eye pressure.

The drug has a direct effect on the penis and does not affect the work of other organs.

In addition, studies were conducted on the effects of Brand Cialis tablets on the quality of sperm. It was found out that neither the mobility nor the morphology of the spermatozoa changes. There is a decrease in the concentration of mobile spermatozoa. But this is due to the fact that the frequency of ejaculations significantly increases.

It is important to note that most of the research concerned only Brand Cialis 5 mg tablets. As for the dosage of 20 mg, there is no specific data. The same is confirmed by the instruction for using the tool, which does not contain certain information concerning the safety of this form of release.

Pharmacokinetics of the preparation Brand Cialis

The main component of the drug is Tadalafil. There are no other components that affect the condition of men. The component is rapidly absorbed and reaches its maximum concentration after a couple of hours. It is important to pay attention that it is possible to take the drug regardless of food, since it does not affect the degree of digestion. In addition, the tablets at a dosage of 20 mg also quickly set, but the maximum is reached a little later. Equal concentration is only after five days of regular use.

Renal failure and brand cialis

Pic. 2. Men with kidney pathologies are not prohibited from using the drug, because it does not affect the work of the body.

Tadalafil acts equally on men with pathology of potency, and without it. Therefore, the agent can be used both for the treatment of impotence, and for the purpose of a single maintenance of a persistent erection.

The substances included in the preparation are fully absorbed and bound to the plasma in a volume of 94%. In this case, the effect of the drug is not affected by the condition of the kidneys and other organs. Tadalafil is excreted in the form of inactive metabolites with feces and only 1/3 of the volume in the urine. Complete excretion is observed after 20-22 hours. Accordingly, there is no addiction to the drug.

Special instructions on the use of drugs of the Tadalafil group

Brand Cialis has some peculiarities, therefore, first of all, the instruction for use should be carefully studied. Specific guidance is available for certain groups of men:

In men older than 66 years, there is a decrease in the rate of assimilation of the drug. At the same time, the dosage for this category is standard.
In the presence of diabetes, the drug does not require a dosage adjustment.

Diseases of the kidneys of mild and moderate severity also do not require correction of the dose. If a severe lesion should be abandoned treatment with Brand Cialis.

The mild and moderate severity of the liver pathology also does not affect the dosage of the agent. There are no definite data concerning the serious degree of liver damage.
In men with diabetes, the dosage can be used as standard, since the composition does not affect the level of sugar.

At the same time, it should always be remembered that the remedy can provoke side effects and if they are affected by an organ they will be more pronounced. For this reason, before taking any drug that includes tadalafil, it is important to consult a doctor and to eliminate contraindications.

List of contraindications

In order for Brand Cialis not to provoke side effects, it is important to exclude all contraindications. Do it better together with a doctor. This is especially true for men with chronic pathologies and is older than 57-63 years.

Cardiac pathologies and the brand Cialis are incompatible.

Pic. 3. Heart pathologies are contraindication to the use of Brand Cialis.

First of all, you should not take a drug for adolescents under the age of 18 and with intolerance of substances that make up the body. In addition, drugs including tadalafil cannot be used to increase potency if the patient is treated with drugs based on organic nitrates.

In addition to the above, the instructions for use include the following contraindications:

  1. The pressure is below 85/50 mm Hg. p.
  2. Frequent attacks of angina pectoris;
  3. A history of a heart attack;
  4. Neuropathy of the optic nerve;
  5. The period of treatment with Doxazosin;
  6. Lactose insufficiency.

Brand Cialis with Doxazosin.

Pic. 4. Simultaneous reception of Brand Cialis with doxazosin is prohibited.

In addition, in men with kidney damage and lowered clearance, it is recommended to take Brand Cialis not more than twice a week. This applies to a dosage of 20 mg. A smaller dosage can be used for a long time. Caution should be used in patients with liver damage, with severe degree of anemia, leukemia, with deformities of the penis and a tendency to priapism.

Dosage and administration

The instructions for use contain all the necessary information regarding how to drink the product. Dosage directly depends on what kind of effect you want to achieve. With a high probability of a failure associated with fatigue or a nervous experience, a single application of 20 mg of the drug is sufficient. Such an application is recommended for those who have very rare sexual contacts. Take the drug should be a few minutes before intimacy. Accustomed to a single reception does not cause.

If the intimacy is planned more than twice a week, it is recommended to conduct a course. Dosage of 20 mg in this situation will be too high. Therefore, the pharmacy should purchase Brand Cialis, containing tadalafil at a concentration of not more than 5 mg. You need to drink tablets daily, and the duration of treatment is at least two weeks. If necessary, the course can be repeated. In addition, with a pronounced response, a course with a dose of 2.5 mg can be administered. The effect will be in any case due to the fact that there is no addiction.

The effect of the drug depends on the chosen dosage. The maximum dosage is 20 mg. This applies to a single application, and treatment, including a course of daily intake.

Brand Cialis Side effects

Brand Cialis original extremely rarely causes side effects. That’s why this tool is often used to improve potency. Sometimes men have a headache and a rush of blood to the face. At the same time, it is important to note that the dosage of 20 mg is more stringent. With a single application, adverse symptoms are noted more often. If a treatment regimen with a concentration of 2.5-5 mg is used, there are no abnormalities.

According to statistics, Brand Cialis in men is capable of provoking the following side effects:

  1. Increased heart rate, increased pressure, in very rare cases, heart attack;
  2. Headache, migraine, syncope, very rarely ischemic abnormalities;
  3. Reducing visual acuity, extremely rare retinal occlusion;
  4. Impaired breathing and bleeding from the nose;
  5. Unpleasant feelings in the abdomen, heartburn;
  6. Urticaria, sweating, dermatitis;
  7. Heaviness in the chest, swelling of the face;
  8. An allergic reaction;
  9. Prolonged erection (more than 8 hours).

Brand cialis and various kinds of headaches

Pic. 5. In some cases, after taking the drug, there may be various kinds of headaches.

In addition to the above, the data indicate that in one single case tadalafil provoked sudden death. At the same time, it is important to emphasize that the patient had a large number of pathologies of the cardiac activity in the history and a high risk factor. In addition, it was proved that the dosage was significantly exceeded.

Side effects, their severity and the likelihood of occurrence depend on the individual characteristics of the patient and the presence of concomitant pathologies.

Brand cialis and abdominal pain

Pic. 6. In some men, the drug can cause abdominal pain.

It is especially important to consider the state of the overdose. In the absence of contraindications and conditions provoking side effects, a dose of 500 mg once did not increase the severity of abnormalities. The same applies to prolonged use of a dose of 100 mg. Thus, when using 20 mg tablets, no abnormalities should occur, provided that Brand Cialis is not contraindicated to you.

How do other drugs affect Brand Cialis?

Choosing tablets in a pharmacy, you must always remember that they can not only not combine, but also suppress or enhance the effect of the active component. For this reason, the compatibility of the means should be examined before proceeding. So, Ketoconazole acts on Brand Cialis, increasing its activity.

Accordingly, drugs based on tadalafil should not be used for potency disorders in conjunction with Saquinavir, Ritonavir, Erythromycin and Rifampicin.

Antacid, on the contrary, acts overwhelmingly on tadalafil and leads to less influence on potency increase. At the same time, receptor blockers have no effect on Brand Cialis and its effectiveness. As for the combination of 2-3 drugs for potency, this moment has not been studied, since such a combination of two similar drugs is prohibited because of the high risk of side effects.

Reception of antacid tablets together with brand Cialis.

Pic. 7. Simultaneous reception of Brand Cialis with an antacid will reduce the effect of the first.

Increase the dosage of Brand Cialis in order to obtain an effect against the background of the use of suppressive drugs is prohibited.

Effect of Tadalafil on other medicines

First of all, we note that all drugs to improve the potency, which includes tadalafil, can enhance the effect of antihypertensive drugs. In particular, this applies to preparations based on nitrates. For this reason, they cannot be combined.

This effect is especially pronounced in the event that men have uncontrolled hypertension. Also increase the likelihood of adverse effects may be taking several hypotensive drugs at once. According to studies, taking 20 mg of tadalafil causes a more pronounced pressure decrease under the influence of antihypertensive drugs. For this reason, patients with hypertension should take Brand Cialis only after the permission of the doctor, and in the minimum dosage. Only in the absence of side effects, the dose may increase. Preference should be given to course treatment, rather than a single admission.

When taking Brand Cialis in parallel with other drugs, it is important to exclude possible complications.

In addition, it was noted that the composition of the drug provokes a sharp decrease in pressure in the case of simultaneous administration with a drug such as Doxazosin. This combination is strictly prohibited.

It is especially important to note that drugs for potency, including tadalafil, do not affect the concentration of alcohols. There is also no inverse relationship. In extremely rare cases, simultaneous reception with alcohol caused dizziness, while there was no change in pressure, heart rate and other abnormalities.

Thus, it is safe to say that Brand Cialis is an effective tool for treating problems with potency. However, it rarely causes side effects, provided that the dosage and the frequency of application are met. In addition, there is no addiction, dependence or other negative consequences. But still, before starting treatment, it is recommended to see the doctor and determine the cause of erection reduction and already on this basis choose the drug.

What are the different varieties of Brand Cialis? Short overview

In addition to the usual drug called Original or Brand Cialis, there are varieties of it. All these drugs have some distinctive properties and differences in effect on the male body.

What are these preparations? Here is their main list:

  1. Cialis Super Active,
  2. Generic Cialis,
  3. Cialis Professional,
  4. Cialis Soft,
  5. Cialis Jelly,
  6. Cialis Sublingual,
  7. Extra Super Cialis.

In addition, we cannot ignore the popular and often purchased set of medicines called “Trial ED Set Standart”.

On this site you can learn in detail about each such medication. We hope that all the information will be very useful for you!